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Marketing Manager at The Shrewsbury Club

  • by Elton Gidney
  • 10 Nov, 2016
I'm delighted to be joining the team at The Shrewsbury Club as Marketing Manager. As a member, I have always enjoyed spending time at the club. The staff are welcoming, the members are friendly, and the facilities are outstanding. I'm looking forward to starting and, in particular, exploring new marketing initiatives with my colleagues to enhance the club. 

For the past few months I have been looking for a suitable role to work alongside my Golf career, as a pro golfer I spend time at corporate events and tournaments which I really enjoy, but I also have a lot of spare time around my Golf. I fancied a new challenge and the opportunity to start this role at the Shrewsbury Club was ideal for me as it is flexible and will allow me to continue my golf career whilst endorsing The Shrewsbury Club at the same time.

Alvin Ward, the general manager of The Shrewsbury Club, said: "We are delighted that Jon has joined our team. We already have strong ties with local businesses, schools and charities which Jon will be able to complement by promoting the club throughout the community.

"He is well known in the area and very familiar with all we have to offer, so he is a perfect fit for the role."  

If you would like to call into the club to meet me for a drink, or experience a complimentary day at The Shrewsbury Club, please email me at and i'll get back to you at my earliest opportunity.

For businesses we offer discounted membership packages, and also a limited number of club sponsorship opportunities. 

Pictured: Jon Gidney, right, with Alvin Ward, the general manager of The Shrewsbury Club.
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